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Welcome to
the Adversity Archive.


Our mission

The Adversity Archive is an online publication and youth organization, committed to giving the unheard and the unseen a voice. By bringing stories of adversity to the forefront, we are able to magnify the urgency of our people's plight and fuel our readers to take action. In doing so, we hope to empower our countrymen and reverse the notion that they are a forgotten sector of society. We seek to tell stories that bridge the marginalized with those who have the desire to learn about them and the ability to help.

Our vision

We work towards a future where every Filipino, regardless of socioeconomic status or upbringing, is equipped with the courage, support, and opportunity to pursue their biggest dreams and reach their full potential.

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July-August's community:
The “Kayumanggi Kami!” Project

The Adversity Archive is partnering with the Alon & Araw Club to feature the stories of various children and families from a fisherfolk village in Barangay San Isidro Cabangan, Zambales. The partnership will shed light on the important advocacies and values of their community which are sports accessibility, environmental awareness, education, and youth empowerment.


The subscription platform is our way of inviting our readers to directly take part in our mission. Through our subscription platform, we provide our readers with the opportunity to act upon what they read about. When you subscribe to The Adversity Archive, you are donating your P100 to the different marginalized communities you read about every month!

Together with the Alon & Araw community, let’s all create a bright path ahead for our Filipino children in which being brown-skinned is appreciated, loved, and celebrated! Translate your reflections into practical action. Subscribe (donate) to The Adversity Archive today.

Latest articles

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A Big Heart with Big Dreams

Kuya Stanley
Image by Beth Macdonald

At the Adversity Archive, we believe that sometimes all it takes is the acknowledgement of one person to infuse confidence in another.

See how we have empowered fellow Filipinos.

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