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Alon & Araw x Adversity Archive

The “Kayumanggi Kami!” Project


Alon & Araw? Who are they?

Introducing, the Alon & Araw Club from Zambales! They are a non-profit organization based in a small fishing village in Cabangan, Zambales. Ever since its establishment last March 2021, they have already supported over 50 children from fisherfolk families by actively conducting educational activities and sports trainings with the local government unit.


Aside from helping underprivileged children of coastal communities continue their studies, they have organized multiple beach clean-ups and recycling activities to improve and preserve the environmental condition of their area. From being a small-scalle surfing club, they have evolved and is continuously progressing to become an organization that can strengthen the abilities and skills of the youth against harsh economical and social challenges today.

Project Goals


Provide a stable educational platform to the local children to improve their intellectual capacities and technical skills as an individual.


Improve their current training programs for different kinds of sports to promote healthy lifestyle, commaraderie, and social interaction to the children with the help of sports professionals.


Ensure that the children are being supported in terms of their mental and emotional health to foster good personal development and critical thinking.


Help the local community in coming up with products and services that will generate a stable and enough income to support the needs of their families.

A two month-long partnership promoting self-love and acceptance to all morena and moreno beauties out there!

John Dave_Pic 1.png

Defining Beauty by Defying Standards

John Dave Aguilar


A Big Heart with Big Dreams

Danise Carlos

Photo courtesy of Alon & Araw Club Zambales Facebook 1.jpg

The Body as a Tidal Wave

Sheila Carlos

Photo courtesy of Corazon Jasa_3.jpg

Reclaiming Resilience

Corazon Jasa


Rippled with Passion

Jhanet Magdayao


Reach for the Stars

Purok 7, San Isidro

Photo Courtesy of Alon _ Araw FB page(4).jpg

All Smiles and Sunshine

Choi Alferos

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